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We specialize in injection mold making for plastic injection molded parts, utilizing our expertise of common injection molding techniques as well as the more complex ones to deliver exceptional results for your injection molding tool needs.

Injection molding is a complex way to produce plastic parts, and designing a part for injection moulding can be a real challenge.  We know everything you need to know about injection molding, we take your design guidelines as well as your design features, add our expertise about all types of injection molding, and then allow your designs to become reality at an affordable price.

  • Manufacturing quantities as low as 500-1,000 pieces.
  • We offer design assistance and manufacturability analysis
  • Mold making capabilities that ensures zero defects
  • Benefit from our swift 15-calendar day lead time for injection molded parts

Discover a diverse range of precision-crafted steel and aluminum molds for injection moulds at Cindre. 

Our mold manufacturing process and our injection molding process bridges the gap between prototyping and producing large quantities of parts for a variety of injection molding applications for the production of plastic parts.

Mold tooling and design

  • We design and manufacture injection molding molds of various types including various quantities of mold cavity numbers, depending on production needs.
  • Our standard lead time for mold production is 25 calendar days, but sometimes longer depending on the availability of the plastic material specified.
  • Our MOQ (Minimum order quantity) is only 1,000 parts to help customers start new product lines. 
  • We simplify logistics for you by offering not just mold making, but one stop shopping for manufacturing plastic parts, packing,  shipping and import services as well

How are molds used in the plastic injection mold process?

Making molds and plastic injection tooling for plastic injection molded parts manufacturing, sometimes called mold injection manufacturing, is an art that results in the creation of molds for plastic injection manufacturing.

Molds are used on an injection molding machine on which injection moulding materials such as granular plastic is fed into a hopper, which in turn feeds a heating vessel from which molten plastic flows, followed by the injection of the plastic whereby the melted plastic is forced into an area which part is called the injection unit creating injection pressure to fill, resulting in the injection of the polymer to fill the mold that determines the geometry of a part.

Once the plastic has cooled in the mold and the plastic solidifies, standard events during the injection molding process, the two halves of the mold open and the plastic part is called finished for processing.

In short injection molding is a manufacturing process whereby liquid plastic travels, or rather molten plastic into the mold used to injection molding a part or parts. Whether one uses a large injection mold or a small one, determines the amount of plastic used, although most injection molded parts use plastic sparingly due the sophistication of the injection molding process.

In the end the quality of the final parts is determined by the quality of the product design, the mold design and the quality of the mold d itself.

Are you considering building your mold in Asia?
Cindre can help you bridge the overseas gap and  let you absorb the benefits of a globally competitive industry, we provide you a hands-off approach to injection mold making in China.
As a US company with ten years of mold making experience dealing with offshore injection moulding suppliers and serving the domestic market, Cindre LCC understands the pressures, prices, and challenges you face and we are uniquely positioned to help you meet your goals and navigate efficiently the injection mold manufacturing process in a way China injection molders could not instinctively provide you. 

Steel and Aluminum Injection Molds

Our focus on producing hardened steel production molds in our plastic injection mold design not only ensures quality but also offers a cost advantage over other plastic injection mold cost such as  prototype molds, making them a strategic choice when choosing molds used to produce plastic injection molded parts. 

We produce molds for both simple and complex parts and plastic components, because we clearly understand the basics of injection molding as well as highly custom plastic injection techniques.

We use injection molding industry best practices used in injection molding of a great variety of parts, resulting in high injection speed, allowing a plastic injection molding process where molten plastic is injected into the mold with maximum efficiency while creating an ideal molding condition.


  • Our design considerations and manufacturability analysis of your design for injection molding various part(s) assure optimized plastic injection mold tooling that will provide years of service and thousands of parts in your injection molding work.
  • Our extensive mold making capabilities as a plastic injection mould manufacturer ensure zero molding defects once the mold goes to the plastic injection molding factory.
  • Once the mold is finished and the sample parts approved by the customer, you benefit from using plastic injection molding factory with its swift 15 calendar day lead time for injection molded parts.

Discover a diverse range of precision-machined steel [or aluminum] molds for injection moulds at Cindre, we want to be your preferred supplier of both molds and molded parts.

Molds for plastic injection

Injection molding machines consist of a hopper to hold the raw plastic resin pellets, a heating vessel to produce the melted plastic, a screw injection unit [the screw injection unit is often called an auger unit] creating the injection pressure whereby the plastic is forced to inject plastic into the cavity of the mold initiating the injection molding cycle.

Our part in this is to create this mold for you, it consists of a mechanism that holds the two halves of the mold that are closed during the injection process  used to produce plastic parts. 

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Applications in all industries

At Cindre LCC we offer custom injection molding services that meet your needs for quality, time, and price.

Injection molding is used for a wide range of applications, due to our efficiency, our standard lead time for mold production is only 25 calendar days once the mold design is approved, providing you a very fast design to market window.  Injection molding can produce a higher number of parts ranging form as few as a thousand to hundreds of thousands of parts whereby the higher number of parts made, the lower the price gets.

Many plastic parts are suitable for injection molding using anything from recycled plastic material to organic plastics and high end food grade plastics.  To support new product introductions, we accommodate low quantities—starting from just 500-1,000 pieces in the first year after mold deployment, with a subsequent minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 1,000-3,000 pieces after the initial year depending on the type of part involved.


Our global approach includes seamless worldwide shipping, quoted FOB destination, simplifying logistics for you.

Full-Service Mold-Making Capability

We offer design, tooling and engineering support as part of our custom mold-making capabilities. All tooling design and manufacture is done by our team—for a complete custom application. Our engineering staff and machine technicians are experienced in commodity, engineering, to exotic resins, to help guide you in developing the mold best suited to accommodate the material selected for your project.

We offer quick-turn soft tooling as well as high-production volume hardened tool steel molds in a wide selection of materials, including aluminum, stainless steel, and various grades of tool steel.

Headquartered in Bend, Oregon, USA

At Cindre, good mold design is a natural outcome of our customers’ well-designed products. Our commitment to seamless plastic mold injection, injection molding, and collaboration sets us apart among injection molding companies.

While we no longer offer product design services, we eagerly share our extensive experience to aid our clients in achieving optimal results.

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