Mold Making

We specialize in crafting molds for plastic injection molded parts, utilizing our expertise to deliver exceptional results. Our focus on producing hardened steel production molds not only ensures quality but also offers a cost advantage over prototype molds, making them a strategic choice.

​Our standard lead time for mold production is 25 calendar days.

With a commitment to efficiency, our standard lead time for mold production is a swift 25 calendar days. To support new product introductions, we accommodate low quantities—starting from just 500 pieces in the first year after mold deployment, with a subsequent minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 1,000 pieces after the initial year. Read More

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We prioritize our customers’ convenience by providing worldwide shipping and quoting FOB destination, eliminating the hassle of dealing with freight and import procedures. While we no longer offer product design services, we eagerly share our extensive experience to aid our clients in achieving optimal results.

At Cindre, good mold design is a natural outcome of our customers’ well-designed products. Before processing any order, we meticulously review product designs for manufacturability and conduct thorough moldflow analyses. Our commitment to seamless plastic mold injection, injection molding, and collaboration sets us apart among injection molding companies.

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