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Plastic Injection Molding Services

Custom Plastic Parts:

From online quote to 3D print to prototype to production parts, all in one place

Discover a diverse range of quality mold making and custom injection molding parts at Cindre. 

Injection molding is a manufacturing process that is part of our suite of custom plastic injection molding services that as a good starting point begins with a comprehensive mold and injection molding quote and, upon acceptance, is followed by manufacturing feasibility analyses such as a flow analysis and the injection molding design of the part itself.  

While some competitors may offer a quote with free design analysis within hours, we find that a thorough feasibility and manufacturability analysis is too expensive to offer for free without an order to or a small fee of $500 to anchor it.

  • Manufacturing quantities as low as 500-1,000 pieces.
  • We offer design assistance and manufacturability analysis
  • Mold making capabilities that ensures zero defects
  • Cindre ensures not just production but precision in design
  • Benefit from our swift 25-calendar day lead time for injection molded parts

Discover a diverse range of precision-crafted injection molded parts at Cindre.

Full service mold making
and injection molding

We handle your custom plastic injection molding products needs

  • ​Produce complex parts
  • Navigate international logistics
  • Repeatable process
  • Lower cost at higher volumes
  • Dozens of materials availables
  • Over 24 injection methods covered

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Plastic molding is a very technical way to make parts that is geared mostly toward mass production and therefore a customer should take the time to learn more about injection molding in general and the injection molding process in particular, as well as the differences between prototypes and end-use production parts be it for low-volume production or production of parts at scale.  

In this quest it is helpful to know about injection molders, wall thickness, commonly molded plastics and other plastic materials among other things. Injection-molded parts can be made as fast as 1 day using 3D printed molds, which can be helpful for making prototypes.  For high-quality parts it is best however to use either aluminum molds or high-performance hardened steel molds.

Tangible Concept and Functional Parts

Our expertise, skilled mold makers, and cutting-edge technologies allowe us to reliably manufacture durable and consistent plastic parts and products designed for a wide range of industries and different applications, producing production parts in as fast as 6 weeks. 

 We make our high-quality injection molding mold parts to the specified mold design tolerance for each custom mold using best practices, be it for the client’s own manufacturing, or to allow us to provide superior injection molding services as well as having made the mold.  

We use each injection molding tool along with our various injection molding methods for anything from polypropylene injection molding to molding a great variety of other plastic resins including liquid silicone rubber molding.  

There is a great variety of injection molds, ranging from simple cold and hot runner molds to insert molding molds, add a tremendous variety of materials and the result is a huge assortment of products ranging from medical devices to automotive and consumer products.  

Injection Mold Making

It truly is amazing how the injection molding technology and the injection molding process can take hard, brittle polymer plastic pellets and heat them up to the appropriate glass transition temperature (Tg), turning them into  molten plastic and then get a high tensile strength, durable thermoset plastic part from the mold with every part to maintain a machining tolerance of 0.002″ again and again, and thus mold the parts as identical parts in high-volume plastic part production.

Produce Quality plastic Parts with Custom Injection Molds and Expert Design Assistance

Equally amazing is how we as a United States manufacturer and a provider of custom injection molds and injection molded parts can get custom plastic plastic parts from factories half a world away and instead of increase the cost, dramatically decrease the cost to make a plastic part, as well as provide quicker lead times while providing all kinds of materials to choose from. 

Due to great communication, coordination and logistics, we manage to provide a full range of mold making and molding services using a strongly decentralized organization that due to its low, low overhead can provide incredibly low prices for top quality products. 

We meet our customers needs for plastic products by providing everything from quoting through prototyping with designed and 3D printed materials and others while considering all aspects of a project, even such minute details as the included resin tolerance of 3D printing materials and the excellent electrical properties some plastic have all the way till the real production run is complete following the customers specifications.

plastic injection molded part

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Get in touch today with your manufacturing project and one of our experts will personally review your requirements.

With a variety of plastics and thermoplastics available, Cindre LCC has the expertise and capacity to produce cost-efficient injection moulded parts at a range of volumes,  with thermoplastic materials, with options for various surface finishes and complex geometries.

From standard components to intricate over molded, multi-shot, and multi-color parts, we showcase versatility with quality.

Although the initial cost of the molding tool may be high, the cost per part decreases significantly after the initial investment. Injection molding combines manufacturing and finishing into one process, unlike traditional methods such as CNC machining, which require a separate finishing step.

Why choose Cindre LCC for your Injection Molding Project?

  • Our global approach includes seamless worldwide shipping, quoted FOB destination, simplifying logistics for you.
  • The availability of specialized teams for sales, customer support, design, and project engineering to provide consultation on projects.
  • State-of-the-art equipment and facilities are available for efficient mold production and injection molding, with ample capacity to accommodate demand increase
  • Shipping worldwide – delivery time can vary depending on many factors 
  • 30+ finishes and secondary processes, 50+ Materials for you choose
  • Learn the difference between both each injection molding options and see which method best suits your needs.

Headquartered in Bend, Oregon, USA

We assist you with designing, tooling injection molds, and producing plastic parts, as well as carrying out post-processing and finishing tasks. We also help you select materials and maintain quality standards at every step of the injection mold process.

Learn the difference between both each injection molding options and see which method best suits your needs for producing high quality plastic parts.

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