Plastic Injection Molded Products

Cindre is a leading plastic injection molding manufacturer renowned for producing top-notch molds and precision custom injection molded parts, defining excellence in plastic molding manufacturing.

Cindre provides all the common injection molding methods, as well as many very specialized ones for businesses to choose from when creating products that are injection molded, depending on the specific application and part they aim to produce.  

Among other things, we make consumer products as well as industrial and medical equipment parts, and we deal with products made from a great variety of plastics from common plastic like polyethylene and ABS to more exotic molding materials like lightweight and organic plastics. 

When looking for the right injection molding process for your product, it is important to take into account the characteristics of various types of plastic materials like UV resistance and impact resistance – and determine which type of material used and which manufacturing method used to produce works best for your particular molded plastic parts, be it a simple bottle or a complex medical equipment part.  

There are various methods available for businesses to choose from when creating injection mould products, depending on the specific application and part they aim to produce.  When looking for the right injection molding process for your product or prototype, it is important to take into account the characteristics of various types of plastic materials, usage context and much more.

Industries that benefit from Injection Molding
From building and structures to small intricate parts, plastic injection molded products exist on almost all industries.
Healthcare Industry
Consumer Goods and Electronics
Commercial Construction

When looking for the right manufacturing technique for plastic injection molded products, it is important to take into account the characteristics of the different materials available – and determine which type works best for a particular product. Make sure your plastic injection mould manufacturer can help you decide the appropriate injection method, materials and type of mould required. 

At Cindre LCC we offer custom injection molding services that meet your needs for quality, time, and price.

Why Use Injection
Molding for Your

Injection molding is a popular and cost effective way to mass produce plastic parts.  Injection molding involves sets of injection molds for companies that choose injection molding techniques and processes to make parts manufactured using injection molding as their core method for making plastic parts, because of quality, molding cost advantages, scalability and so forth.  

No matter if you wish to make different products for injection molded household products, plastic parts from harsh weather resistant material needs or plastic injection molded parts for any other need, often injection molding is used not only to inexpensively mass-produce, but to create geometries that no other methods than those used in injection molding can achieve. 

Products can be made from injection mold plastics, and indeed, there is a huge variety of injection moulding material to choose from to make injection molded objects.  Applications of molded products made by injection molding technique and injection molding production processes manage to produce thousands of injection-molded products every minute of every day.

Injection molding offers plastic parts with a wide variety of physical material characteristics and super custom geometry which can be produced by an injection molding machine in mere seconds, however the process of injection molding plastic parts depends heavily on factors such as material, part design, and size. 

Applications of injection molded parts produced using injection molding techniques honoring the history of injection moulding as well as innovating every step of the way abound, and Cindre is proud to participate in both tradition and future advancement.

There is a long list of examples of injection molding products that are also a list of everyday items and common products Cindre made with injection molding molds produced by our partners in Asia, such products include applications like food containers, housings for electronics and other applications made with a range of injection molding techniques and using the injection molding process, include popular injection moulding techniques such as hot runner moulding, over molding, multi color moulding and materials for injection molded parts that are often novel and leading edge in the moulding industry.

Injection molding is a flexible manufacturing process used in various industries, and injection molding offers the versatility business applications, consumer goods, medical devices, and many others need to make literally thousands of products.  

Benefits of injection molding may be counted as one of the top break throughs of the industrial revolution. Its popularity stems from the ability to make mass-produced products like intricate injection molded plastic parts made using injection molding molds and thermo plastics at a lower cost and injection molding also involves huge benefits in consistency, precision and quality. 

The type of injection molding applications we produce molds and parts for are everywhere and examples of products made with plastic injection molding are myriad, and all around us as injection molding allows manufacturers to make common injection molded products such as multipurpose plastic products as well as very specialized highly intricate parts, all made at a low cost,

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