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Injection Molds

Cindre produces plastic injection molding molds with offshore manufacturing partners, allowing us to provide quality molds at unbeatable prices.

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Injection Molded Parts

Cindre produces injection molded plastic parts with offshore manufacturing partners, allowing us to provide high quality parts at unbeatable prices.

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About Injection Molding

Injection molding is a leading manufacturing technique widely employed for making diverse products and components from polymer plastic and silicone materials. Recognized for its efficiency, amazing consistency and prowess in enabling large-scale production, injection molding plays a pivotal role in numerous industries.

The process entails melting raw material pellets, predominantly polymer plastics, and introducing the molten substance into a precision mold under substantial pressure. The mold cavity, intricately crafted, mirrors the intended shape of the final product. Following the injection and filling of the mold, the molten material undergoes a cooling process, solidifying into the desired form within the cavity. Subsequently, the molded part is ejected, and this cycle repeats seamlessly to facilitate efficient mass production of identical precision parts.

The expert integration of plastic molding technique, plastic mold making, and a specialized plastic injection molding machine is crucial to the process, collectively contributing to the precision and reliability that define injection molding's success in the manufacturing landscape.


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