Cindre: Mold makers and injection molded parts manufacturing

Cindre produces plastic injection molding molds with offshore manufacturing partners, allowing us to provide quality molds at unbeatable prices.

Injection Mold Making

We manufacture high quality molds for plastic injection molded parts quickly, efficiently and at amazing prices.

Injection molded parts

From standard components to intricate overmolded, multi-shot, and multi-color parts, we blend function with quality. We serve OEM companies and inventors.


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    About Injection Molding

    Injection molding is a leading manufacturing technique widely employed for making diverse products and components from polymer plastic and silicone materials.

    Recognized for its efficiency, amazing consistency and prowess in enabling large-scale production, injection molding plays a pivotal role in numerous industries.

    The expert integration of plastic molding technique, plastic mold making, and a specialized plastic injection molding machine is crucial to the process, collectively contributing to the precision and reliability that define injection molding’s success in the manufacturing landscape.

    Cindre offers full range of injection molding capabilities to accommodate your needs

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